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The Straight and the Narrow and the Long and Winding Road.

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Time is speeding up. There is less time in the day than there was. I forget where I read it but someone had an actual figure based on some mathematical process that determined we now only have something over 16 hours in the day in comparison with the 24 hours that we once had. A minute is not a minute anymore and an hour is not an hour. A dollar is not a dollar either. There are a lot of parallels in life to this time shrinkage.

Why is time shrinking and why is change happening more rapidly? It is because of the precession of the equinox. We are heading toward the exact center of the galaxy. Are we going to find ourselves swimming in a sea of milk? Vishnu is said to reside on an island in a sea of milk; the sixth circumambient ocean of the world. I had heard that during the night of Brahman, he sleeps on a sea of milk. It makes me think of the Milky Way. Is it a coincidence? The night of Brahman, like the day, is a seriously long time. It is a very, very long time. When I am grieved at being bound in this dreaming flesh, I like to remind myself of the extraordinary vastness of time and space. It reduces all of my concerns to inconsequentiality. I really am inconsequential. This life, by comparison to the incomprehensible is inconsequential. It is also very, very important.

One of the greatest tragedies in any life is to find yourself nearing the end of that life with the realization that you wasted it. Of course, the end of any life can come at any time. One never knows, does one? Once again, I will include that quote by Paramahansa Yogananda; “If you don’t search for God in the springtime of your life, he won’t be there in the winter.”

We are approaching something that happens only every 25,765 years. It’s sometimes referred to as the Great Platonic Year. I’ve heard variations on the amount of time which runs between 25,000 and 27,000 years. I don’t know the precise figure. There must be one but I don’t know what it is. That’s a lot of time. That is a great deal of time when you consider that we’ve only got about 5,000 years of recorded history in this most recent stretch of bloodshed and folly. You can put five of these into one of those. This makes me think that we are coming up on something truly momentous. The Kalachakra and the Mayan calendar are pretty close to one another time wise. There are more speculations, computations, prophecies and predictions than all of us can shake a stick at, at the same time. Here’s a taste of that. I will wager that no one here reads more than a portion of that. It does go to show you how much is out there and that doesn’t come close to what’s ‘in there’.

Yes, we can put five of our recent historical records into one precession; imagine that. Darn, I broke a nail. I’ll be right back after I see my nail technician. There are worse things than breaking a nail; dropping your cellphone in the toilet, dropping your cellphone into the toilet while you are sitting there and before you have flushed. Life is filled with important concerns that need our attention. What truly astonishes me is that a far greater number of people are going to be much more interested in things like this than they will ever be in the things we talk about here.

I saw the movie 2012 the other night. The plot is a mess and there are glaring errors, if you are disposed to catching that sort of thing, but it fulfills its task as a popcorn movie even if it stretches your credulity to the limit. It’s worth seeing as an example of how the entertainment industry relates to something like this and it does catch certain manifest realities which I do not doubt are already taking place.

No one knows what is going to happen... or when but... something is coming and it is going to be transformative.

I consider myself very lucky in a certain respect. I am very much a left-handed, right brain person. Pie charts and grafts, along with streaming lines of equations, are not my area of inquiry. I don’t have to figure things out. I don’t have to possess all the technical data and that can be a real stumbling block when the truth is that the ineffable is incomprehensible, incalculable and indefinable. All I have to do is watch what I say and do- working on that- and love and seek the divine. I don’t have to know anything if the divine knows everything... and it does. The real payoff to this is that I am informed of what I need to know and not informed about what doesn’t concern me.

People look at 2012 and see it as some kind of a mechanical event- if they pay attention to it at all- ...I see it as God the watchmaker at work. I see the hand of God. Since I know the divine to be an extraordinarily, benevolent being, I’m thinking whatever 2012 is going to be, it is going to be good for me. Most people look at 2012 and think; Y2K, The Comet Kahoutek and the Harmonica Virgins. This is quite another thing altogether. So they laugh and shake their head and go back to the funny pages or the sports section.

If you want a serious heads up about what has been happening in the world over recent times and who is involved in it, I suggest you read David Icke’s, “Tales from the Time Loop” which I am presently reading in PDF. Those of you paying attention will know what this means and probably contact me.

Umm hmmm, I started out all cosmic and synchro-slinky and then devolved into the mundane. Well, the cosmos is coming and it is going to be coming right into the mundane. Here are some things you will begin to notice with more frequency. People are going to start to lose their minds. Something is happening and your job is to open up to it with ardor, faith and willingness. If you aren’t inclined to do this, it is going to open you up like a can of beans. Time is going to begin to move even faster and changes are going to occur with more and more rapidity.

Nature is the mirror of the cosmic mind and it is also the mirror of your personal mind. Large concentrations of people sharing similarities of thought; whether cosmic or pedestrian, have a greater impact on the mirror than smaller groups and individuals. Please note that the concentrated focus of an aware consciousness can be very powerful and should not be confused with those who are scattered. The mirror of nature is going to reflect the state of human consciousness as it passes into and though this period in a manner more magnified than is usual. You can probably guess what this means.

The whole point of this summing up of the large cycle of time is to give you the opportunity for promotion to a higher state of being. It’s going to get right up into your face, via your heart and mind, and let you know this. Those trapped in their attachment to the material plane and the torpor of the dream are going to experience some real discomfort. Those up to no good are going to come up against their antithesis. Not too long from now there are going to be a few events that are going to demarcate our passage into strange lands and interesting times. It’s all been gradual, even though it’s been moving at a good clip. That’s going to get more exponential.

What I am saying here is what I am sensing about it all. I could be way off but... I’m already seeing the preliminary signs of most of what I have mentioned. 2010 is a watershed year.

If there was ever a time to strive to make contact with the source of your being and the dynamic, animating principle of your life, that time is now. Now is late in the game but not too late. Phenomenal blessings that are seldom available are available now to the sincere and industrious. I couldn’t begin to tell you how important it is for you. You are standing on a launching pad with the magnitude of the universe stretching to all sides. There are a great many places one could go and a great many doors opening without and within. There’s the good, the bad and the ugly on tap. Clarity of mind comes only through contact with our higher nature and clarity of mind is a tremendous aid in consideration of what lies before you.

Times like this are rare and seldom indeed and so are the opportunities provided. Take advantage of the celestial generosity and good will toward you. Dismiss and ignore them at your peril. One should never be so proud as to discourage the hand of help in the hour of need. It would not be extended if it was not needed.

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